The 10 best places for Reviews

reviewsPeople make fewer impulse purchases – bar a tempting chocolate at the checkout display. Almost every product with a more than negligible value is thoroughly researched and evaluated online before customers buy goods. Here is a list of content review sites that will come in handy when next your search for anything from appliances to a new job.


Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon adopted a user-generated content strategy in 1995 and is a giant in this field. It is the first point of call for many people when they seek information about a product. In fact, Amazon’s reputation in this area is such that even if people buy elsewhere, they still do so based on their online research which started at This popularity is due not only to the comprehensive product descriptions but primarily because of the extensive user feedback system, as purchasers are encouraged to share their personal reviews with others.

Angie’s List

Users of Angie’s List pay for membership and attracts many fussier users. The reviews are typically more concise and descriptive than those on free user review sites, are authenticated, and never anonymous. Companies may respond to reviews but not review their products. Users tend to regard this system as generally very accurate and fair.


Which? is another independent review organization with in-house staff to test and review products. They actively encourage suggestions for new products to write about, but they don’t accept free submissions. They specify the methodologies used for testing in their labs which gives the research credibility, and they test almost any product on the market. Although some of their content is free, membership is required to get the full value of their service which includes a consumer legal advice center

Fitness and Health

There are many websites on this topic, but they are mostly run by individuals that attempt to cash in by rating fitness programs better than they should be rated. Here is a review source run by two health coaches from Hawaii that have an extensive blacklist of products and courses that should not be purchased. They are one of the few shining lights cutting through the hype of the health industry. We have noticed them because of their review on the lean belly breakthrough, because they tested it on themselves.


ConsumerReports is an independent non-profit organization for testing and reviewing products. They have published almost 8 million reviews and is trusted by millions of consumers for unbiased reviews as they pay for everything they test – including cars – and they accept no advertising. They are known for their high-quality, well-structured and well-written content.


CNET is a popular and long-running website for electronics. The in-house staff reviews are enhanced by user reviews and is regarded as a reliable review platform for gadgets and new technology. They use reviews, photos, and videos and share roundups of categories with regular “Best Off” reviews.


TrustRadius specializes in software reviews by authenticated users. The reviews may be posted anonymously, but identity verification via LinkedIn is required which adds a layer of trust. This system leverages off existing and future LinkedIn connections. They publish buyer guides in several categories like business intelligence software and social media and allow side-by-side comparisons to help users locate the right product.



TripAdvisor’s contribution to the travel and entertainment industry is almost unparalleled as it was one of the earliest adaptors of content generated solely by users and it leverages off travelers’ eagerness to share their traveling experiences. It is used by many suppliers to manage and improve their brands. They also keep updated content on advice, cheap airfares, special deals and inside info on almost any location in the world.



At Glassdoor employees can review their employers and tell of their experience at their company. Companies are rated, and the statistics are made available to employers and staff alike. Some companies actively use reviews to strengthen employment practices and improve their employment brand and say that it helps to attract top candidates from crowds of applicants.


Indeed is a job aggregator which leads to more than 100 million unique visitors per month, from over 50 countries and using nearly 30 languages. It offers thousands of reviews submitted by the past and current employees, and some of the listings have more than a thousand reviews.